Install the New Gradio 7.0 on Ubuntu


New Version of Linux Radio Player ‘Gradio’ Released!!

A Gradio PPA is no longer available.The easiest way to install Gradio 7.0 on Ubuntu is using Flatpak.If you already have the Flathub store enabled on your system open the Ubuntu Software app, search for ‘Gradio’, and install it there.
If you don’t have Flatpak or Flathub set up on your system now’s a great time to do it — all it takes is a couple of commands:

First install Flatpak itself:

sudo apt install flatpak

Next add the Flathub remote to install apps from:

flatpak remote-add –if-not-exists flathub

Finally, install Gradio from Flathub:

sudo flatpak install flathub de.haeckerfelix.gradio

Do pay attention to the terminal after running the final command. Flatpak will prompt you to install any required/missing runtimes on your system.

Once installed you can update Gradio using the ‘Updates’ tab in Ubuntu Software, where you’ll also be able to search for and install other applications from Flathub.

So, go ahead and install the new version of Gradio 7.0!


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