How to Block Internet Ads


Well, ‘INTERNET ADS’ is a very efficient method to reach a large number of people to know your business and be interested in it, while investing the smallest amount of resources to get the largest amount of benefits possible and both at the same time. It is good way of earning profits.Internet advertising is more accessible for every business and enables you to quickly, easily, efficiently and affordably reach your target- the public.
But, doesn’t these pop-up Ads irritate you a lot while working? You have some serious work to do and these ads eat your head popping-up each time you load a page!

Argh!! It is absolutely irritating!!

So today, let’s see how to get rid of these ads in a few simple and easy steps.Ready?
Lets get started.

  • Update your web browser. Ad blockers like uBlock work best when your browser is up-to-date and you have the latest version installed.
  • Go to in a Web browser. uBlock is a free, open-source, pop-up and ad blocking extension that is available for:

  • Click the green Download button.

  • Click the button for your browser.

  • Select a location and click Save. If prompted to save the installation file, select a location you will remember.
  • Locate and double-click the installation file. :If prompted, click Trust or Yes to install.
  • Open the browser in which you installed uBlock. Pop-ups and ads will be blocked by uBlock.
    To change the settings or whitelist pop-ups from certain sites, click the octagon-shaped button with a “U” in the tool bar. Then click the settings icon at the top of the dialog box and adjust the settings to your preferences.

Isn’t it easy? So try these simple steps and get rid of those Online Marketing and Promotion Ads and work peacefully.


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