What Is Corebird 1.7


A new version of Linux Twitter app Corebird is now available for download.

Corebird 1.7 is a small update on Twitter. It introduces a couple of minor improvements and solves a few small issues.

This update makes it easier to mention people you don’t follow in your tweets. You now can click on hashtags and @mentions in Twitter profiles to be directed to the relevant search term or linked Twitter account inside the app.

Corebird 1.7 now fetches unfollowed/unfollowing matching accounts from the Twitter server when you @mention an account.

The app also lets you tweet a photo without having to add text – perfect for those meme-only mic-drop ripostes.

Some other changes in the Corebird 1.7.x release are:

  • Videos which are larger than your screen are scaled down
  • Profiles say when an account is suspended
  • Improvements in display of private profiles
  • Small fix for display of Instagram images in the timeline
  • Correct AppData

How to Install Corebird 1.7 on Ubuntu

Corebird 1.7.0 is the latest release. It is available to install using PPA and do the following to do so:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/corebird
sudo apt update && sudo apt install corebird


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