Ubuntu 17.10; Few Things to do after Installing Ubuntu 17.10


Did you try using the upgraded new version of ubuntu – Ubuntu 17.10? If you haven’t even known about the new version of Ubuntu, do read our article “Ubuntu 17.10-Whats New
After you are done installing Ubuntu 17.10, here are a few things you need to do.

  1. Check for Updates: To check for updates on Ubuntu all you need to do is open the Software Updater tool from the Applications Overview and follow the on-screen prompts.
  2. Install Graphics Drivers: To make sure you get the best performance, you should enable proprietary drivers.To see if proprietary drivers are available for your hardware go to the Additional Drivers tab in the Software & Updates app and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Install GNOME Tweak Tool: Install the handy GNOME Tweaks app to get iinto customisation options.Tweaks gives you access to desktop settings and variables, that you can control and make how your desktop looks and works.
    Some tweaks you can tweak using the Tweaks tool are Change the look of Ubuntu ,Adjust the default fonts ,Move window buttons left or right ,Manage GNOME extensions ,Enable to disable desktop icons etc.
  4. Install a Better GTK Theme: You can make Ubuntu display look like Mac, by just installing a GTK Theme.Some of the best GTK themes include Arc and Numix, both of which you can install from Ubuntu Software.If you install a GTK theme from Ubuntu Software you will need to use the Tweaks tool we mentioned before.
  5. Install Third-party Codecs & Extras: To install restricted media codecs needed to play certain media formats, just grab the ‘Ubuntu Restricted Extras’ package from Ubuntu Software.This package will pull in and install everything you need to play popular music and video formats on your desktop.
  6. Install Apps from Ubuntu Software: Some famous and easy to get apps to get you started can be the following:Chromium – Open-source version of Google Chrome
    Geary – A user-friendly desktop e-mail client
    Telegram – Cross-platform messaging app
    Corebird – Desktop Twitter client
    GIMP – Powerful open-source image editing tool
    Kdenlive – Easy-to-use video editor
    Steam – Games distribution platform
    VLC – Versatile media player
    Shutter – Screenshot & annotation tool
    VirtualBox – Free virtual machine software


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