How to get Google on Ubuntu Terminal


Ever wondered if you can google through the terminal in ubuntu?

If so,you will love this terminal tool in ubuntu called Googler.What is googler?

It’s a small command-line utility which lets you search Google from the terminal.When you search from the command-line using Googler you’re presented with a list of search results that show the title, URL and a short text snippet. You can quickly open anything you need in a web browser by entering the number that corresponds to the result you want to read.Other search options and parameters are available for more advanced users. These will let you search for an exact phrase, search a specific version or Google, and/or narrow down search anything and everything based on a specific time period.

Googler was created to let people know and make web searches on a headless server lacking an X session, where it could integrate properly with a text-based browser. In situations like this, it provides a fully immersive command-line web search experience.


Also keep in miind that, Googler is not affiliated, endorsed or supported by Google itself. It is an unofficial, unrelated and a third-party project. It is open-source and its Code is available on Github.

Install Googler on Ubuntu

To install Googler on Ubuntu 16.10 or above, do the following:

  • Open the terminal.

  • Type the following on the command line and hit enter:
sudo apt install googler

  • Once installed Googler is immediately available and ready to use. Simply pop open your favourite terminal emulator and punch in the single command:

Isn’t it simple? So try it and let us know your experience.



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