How Can You Get Wireless Charging for iPhone?


What Is Wireless Charging?

Charging a smartphone requires a lot of activitites like finding your charging cable and plugging your phone either into your computer or to a power adapter that is then plugged into an electrical outlet.It can be annoying if you lose your adapter or your charging cable breaks,isn’t it?
Wireless charging is a unique charging technology where the batteries of devices like smartphones without plugging them in to a power source.
Doubt why you need it?Consider these benefits given below:
Charge your phone any place where there is a charging station
No need to keep track of charging cables or wires.
No need to purchase replacement charging cables when old ones break or get lost

While the technology is a few years away from being really, really cool, there are some pretty good options for wireless charging on the iPhone today.

What You Need for Wireless Charging

You just need an accessory to make this technology work simple.
Current wireless charging products have two key elements: a charging base and a case.
The charging base is a small platform that is a bit bigger than your iPhone, that you plug into the power source. You still need to get the electricity to recharge your battery from somewhere, and this is how you do it. So, technically, there’s still at least one wire involved.
The case is where you can slip your iPhone into, with a plug for your phone’s charging port. The case also provide protection to the device. All you have to do is put your iPhone in the case, placing it on the charging base.

Few Current Wireless Charging Options for iPhone are as follows:

Bezalel Latitude
iQi Mobile for iPhone
mophie juice pack wireless
Pond Wireless Charging