How to change the keyboard layout in elementary OS


As you all know ‘English(US)’ is the mostly used and liked deafult keyboard type but you can also change keyboard style if you need. In a few minutes, you can switch the keyboard layout to many other layouts like English (UK), foreign languages, different hardware layouts, etc.. You can either use the GUI way or by the command-line in Terminal. Note that both the methods are not same. The command-line method gives access to several hardware level keyboards whereas the GUI method is useful for switching between languages.

Command-line way to change Keyboard layout

STEP 1: Go to ‘Applications’ in the wingpanel and launch the ‘Terminal’.

STEP 2: Enter the following command and hit enter.

	sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

Within the Terminal you can also scroll through several keyboard layouts. Select the layout you like or want and hold down the tab key to highlight ‘OK’ and then hit the enter key.

Change Keyboard Layout from Settings, mainly for other Languages

You can also change the keyboard layout from the ‘System Settings’.Follow the steps given below:

STEP 1: Click ‘Power’ icon and select ‘System Settings’.

STEP 2: Click on the ‘Keyboard’ icon.

STEP 3: Click ‘+’ on the bottom left of the ‘Keyboard’ window.

STEP 4: Add any preferred language and hit ‘Add Layout’.

STEP 5: Now the layout gets listed on the left pane. Double-click on the required layout to apply.



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