Reasons for Chromium Update to Look Nicer and Better On Linux


Chromium 59 is set to be launched in the official Ubuntu repos by next week or after as a stable release update and the interesting part is Chromium 59 is GTK3 by default.
Well, that means more parts of the browser would look natural and genuine and also use the perfect colour schemes, highlights, widgets and other data straight from your GTK3 theme.

Sophiticated, Rather than Striking

We also mention that you probably won’t notice much of a difference between the Chromium version you are running right now, and the GTK3-enabled version you’ll be getting in a short while.
But the more design-determined and observant readers amongst you will spot that, for instance, the Chrome context menu is themed correctly, pulling in the correct background shade from the basic or prime GTK theme. This change means Chrome’s various pop-up dialogs and menus will, finally, amalgam in to their native surroundings.
In non-flat themes, like Ubuntu’s Ambiance, the changes are more probable, like the highlight colour in the context menu drifting from a simple flat colour to the best and correct gradient in the GTK3 theme. In a few themes, again, like Ambiance, you’ll also notice that menu separators and dividers are rooted from the GTK theme.

Did You Know?

Google began work to add GTK3 theme integration to Chromium in 2011 — 6 years later and the fruits of that effort are available to see in a very short while from now.


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