Ubuntu Default Application Matters a Lot!!


For new Ubuntu users , the apps that come installed are the apps that they get used toand becomes the default apps. It seems to be Logical because, you may not be aware of the office suites and other applications made available. And so the decision for the question “Which GNOME App should Ubuntu include by default?” matters a lot.

GNOME Core Apps
Core apps are ones recommended for, referenced by or developed as part of a stock GNOME release.

  • “Photos” is a photo management and editing that is very “user-friendly”. Its special feature is its in-window editing toolbar, filters and sharing support.

  • “Documents” is a content-specific document manager that groups both local and online documents in one single window. This makes it easier to search and browse for particular files and open them in your preferred office suite.
  • “Sushi” is a nifty file preview for Nautilus. It simply highlights a file, photo, video or music file. You can tap the space bar to preview its contents.

  • “Maps” is an excellent desktop mapping tool.This app lets you leverage Open Street Map, a free collaborative crowd-sourced map dataset, plan routes,favourite places, see points of interest, and even check- in. Offline support is planned for a future release.

  • “Clocks” is a desktop application for — you guessed it — keeping an eye on the current time, multiple timezones, and setting alarms.
  • “Contacts” is a simple address book. You can add, edit, search, view contacts and integrate with some online addresses.
  • “GNOME Tweak Tool” might be new and it needs little introduction. It is a place for all your advanced configuration needs, switching GTK theme, icon set and font, to enable/disabling GNOME extensions and setting the position of window controls.

  • “Music” being alternative to Rhythmbox , but looks more ‘modern’ .
  • If “Weather” is installed by default , the notification/message pane will also display the current weather conditions.
  • “Polari” is a desktop IRC client that is featured and nice to look at. Quite whether there is a place for an IRC client on a modern desktop is debatable, and with Empathy no longer being installed by default, I’d guess this is likely too niche to be worth a slot on the install image.

Which GNOME apps would you like to see in Ubuntu by default?
Please do comment below and let us know your preferences!!


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