5 Different Ways To Open Ubuntu Application


A number of different ways to open an application using Ubuntu is explained below briefly. Some of them will be obvious and some less so. This guide will help you find it quicker to open them in other ways if not all applications appear in the launcher or Dash. So let’s see the 5 different ways!

1. Use The Ubuntu Launcher To Open Applications
The Ubuntu Launcher on the left side of the screen contains icons for the most commonly used applications. You can open any of these applications simply by just clicking on it. Right click on an icon usually provide other options, for instance, opening a new browser window or opening a new spreadsheet.

2. Search The Ubuntu Dash To Find An Application
If the application does not appear in the launcher the next quickest way to find an application is to use the “Ubuntu Dash” and to be more precise .To open the dash,click on the icon at the top of the launcher .When the Dash opens you can simply search for an application by typing the name of it into the Search bar.As you start typing the appropriate icons, matching text will appear.To open an application click on the matching icon.

3. Browse The Dash To Find An Application
If you simply want to see the available applications on your computer or you know the type of application but not its name, you can simply browse or search the Dash.
To browse the Dash, click the top icon on the launcher or press the super key.When the Dash appears click on the little “A” symbol at the bottom of the screen.You will be given with a list of recently used applications, installed applications and dash plugins.To view more items ,click on the “see more results” next to each item.

4. Use The Run Command To Open An Application
If you know the name of the application you can open it quite quickly in the following way:
Press ALT + F2 simultaneously to bring up the run command window.Enter the name of the application and the icon will appear.You can run the application either by clicking on the icon or by pressing “return” on the keyboard .

5. Use The Terminal To Run An Application
You can open an application by using the Linux terminal.To open a terminal press CTRL,+ALT + T .If you know the program’s name simply type it into the terminal window.


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