Opera 11.11 for Linux Released


Opera 11.11 (build 2109) has been released yesterday. This is a recommended upgrade offering security and stability enhancements. Auto update might not check for updates frequently enough in Linux, so if you don’t get the new build, you can manually update the browser.

To update Opera manually, goto Help > Check for updates

Changes since Opera 11.10 (Fixes)

  • Crash when opening a folder selector in a widget and then closing the widget
  • Opera installer crashing as soon as the installation wizard starts
  • Crash when reloading page after opening a popup of easy-sticky-note extension
  • Google calendar previewing of month view
  • Mouse wheel not scrolling an outer page when over iframe
  • Text on button of the error page in Asian languages being vertically aligned
  • Visiting a page with a plug-in that is not installed resets Time Of Last Upgrade Check
  • Fast forward being broken on google.com
  • Marking a mail message in Trash as unread causes it to disappear
  • Inability to disable Spam filter in mail

View complete official change log here.

Download Opera 11.10


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