Install Mozilla Firefox 5.0 Aurora Build in Linux


Hardly one month after the release of stable Firefox 4.0 here come the preview version of Firefox 5.0. This is not the final beta of the next version of Firefox but is only a copy of aurora re-packaged as beta for testing. Mozilla Firefox is moving to a rapid release development cycle to deliver new features, performance enhancements, security updates and stability improvements.

Firefox Aurora channel gives users more opportunities to participate in building Firefox where users can test early stage features for future versions without all the polish and stability of a beta release.

Mozilla Firefox 5 Beta will be released on May 17th, 2011 and the final version on June 21st.

Download Mozilla Firefox 5.0 Aurora for Linux :

Firefox 5.0 Beta 1 Linux i386

Firefox 5.0 Beta 1 Linux amd64

NOTE: You can switch between Beta and Aurora versions at Help –> About. Like I said before this is not the final beta release.

Test it Out!

  1. Extract the firefox-5.0b1.tar.bz2
  2. Open the folder in the terminal (or) Press F7 in the folder to open embedded terminal
  3. Type ./firefox to test Firefox

Please let us know your Test Drive experience…


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