How to Run Angry Birds in Ubuntu using Wine


Many of the Ubuntu users may have already tried to run the popular game – Angry Birds using Wine. I don’t know about other Ubuntu users but I had failed to run the windows version in Wine until I found  the first ever self executable installation file for angry birds for PC.

Tipsotricks have compiled a free version of Angry Birds exclusively for PC users and I managed to run this successfully in my Ubuntu.

Here are the step by step instructions:

1. Install Wine in Ubuntu

2. Download AngryBirds.tar.gz using the following command in Terminal :


3. Now extract the file using he following command:

tar zxvf AngryBirds.tar.gz

4. Go to the extracted folder and double click on AngryBirds.exe or right click the file and choose open with Wine.

If you encounter any error about resolution,  just go to Configure Wine -> Graphics and click Emulate Virtual Desktop and specify the resolution that you want for the window.

5. Now the game will begin in full screen.

Hope everyone will enjoy the game in Ubuntu. Please do comment below.


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