Predict Cricket World Cup 2011 results and win an IPAD!


We just came across an interesting  online game. As the name suggests Cricket Oracle is the most relevant one as well.  As the bell rings for an all new Cricket World Cup season,  all you have to do is to predict the results of all games in Cricket World Cup 2011 and stand a chance to win Apple IPAD and other amazing prizes.

Play the Contest at Cricket Oracle.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Any one with a valid email id can participate in this contest.
  2. You must predict the result of all matches in World Cup 2011 in a single login. Based on your league match predictions, you will be presented with the top FIVE teams from each group for the quarter finals. Carefully chart each of the four quarter final games and predict result of each game. Rest of the game is as simple as choosing the winners of Semi Finals and Final Match.
  3. Points will be allotted based on the right predictions at each level of the contest and the top scorer(s) hold the title “Super Oracle(s)” at However, the grand prize will be awarded to only one of the top scorers. A separate elimination round will be introduced at the end of world cup if there are more than one person for the first position.
  4. The earlier you start the game; higher are your chances to win. Your oracle status will be updated after each and every match.
  5. The deadline for the contest is on or before 15th March, 2011. Any registrations made after this date will not allowed to play the Super Oracle game.
  6. Single entry per person is allowed. In case you make more than one entry your Id will be blocked.
  7. If you need any further clarifications, please write to

Play the Contest at Cricket Oracle.


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