Create Your Own Android Avatar with Google Androidify


Androidify is the Google’s latest Android application for creating custom Android avatar. Larva Labs the famous mobile app developer was associated with Google for developing this cool app. Androidify allows you to create completely custom Android avatars and save it as a picture for further use.

If you are lazy to use the tools to develop the avatar, just press Randomize button to create a completely new random avatar. You can adjust the dimensions of legs, hands, body and head of your avatar, dress it up in pants, hats, shirts, shoes etc and change the skin or hair colour.

You can use the avatar for contact photo, share it on twitter or elsewhere in the web. Check out the following pics and video to get a better idea.

To download Andoidify scan the QR code using Barcode reader and the download link will be available on your phone.

Androidify Official Website

via androidpolice


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