Android 2.4 ready for April?


A rumour traced to be originated from ViewSonic (via pocket-lint), claims their upcoming product ViewPad 4 will run Android 2.4. According to this rumour Android 2.4 will be an updated version of Gingerbread designed to run on dual core chipsets and has the functionality to run Honeycomb apps.Few days before it was rumoured that Android code named as Ice Cream is set to incorporate Honeycomb features. And now Ice Cream is for Android 3.1. As android products from different manufacturers are flooding the gadget markets, rumours and expectations are becoming trending topics all over the web.

Pocket-lint states that ViewSonic has exclusively reported this news and ViewPad 4 will be launched in April. So we could get Android 2.4 before that. Let’s wait for the coming days to discover the fire for this smoke.

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