Chrome Extensions “Capture music while surfing”!!


Want to download your favorite tracks while surfing through music sites? Well here’s an option for all chrome users to download their all time favorite music tracks using “ExtensionFM” the new add-on from google chrome.The ExtensionFM or the ExFM is the latest and simple addon from google that helps you capture your favorite audio tracks and add them to your playlist.

This extension once installed will require you to register yourselves using an account option that helps to keep the library through the sessions. There is also an option of attaching a profile named that enables scrolling through tracks that have already been heard.

This new extension allows music to be accessed from almost anywhere without having to worry about downloading it.   All the songs that have been added to the playlist can be shared with your friends on  Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr and LastFM.

If you have no clue from where to begin you can access the facebook fan page on Facebook ExtensionFM which updates a bunch of music sites from where you can add songs to your playlist.

To install ExFM on Google Chrome just go to THIS page and click on Install to add ExFM as an extension.

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