Install Opera 11.01 in Ubuntu 11.04 / 10.10 / 10.04


Opera 11.01 was released earlier today to fix critical issues in the previous version Opera 11. It includes critical security patches, much needed stability updates, and a few other minor changes along with improved mouse gestures.

What’s New

It has done a lot of changes since Opera 11. Here are some of the changes:
  • Translation updates added throughout the UI
  • Exposed the widget object to extension scripts
  • Updated the HushMail mailproviders entry
  • Added MobileMe mail providers
  • It is now possible to open the mail panel as a tab when only using feeds
  • The appearance of the signature editor
  • Fixed various problems relating mouse gesture sensitivity and recognition issues

You can read the complete change log from here

Here is a small video showing the new features in Opera 11.01


You can install it by downloading the .deb from here. It is available for other Linux distributer’s.


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