How to Create a Temporary Root Password in Ubuntu


In Linux, security plays a very important role especially the root password (Super Password). The root password allows the user to get full control of the system. This comes in action while installing a program, making configuration, modifying the core file etc. Basically the root password is asked to ensure the operations are done by you and not by an intruder.

Initially to create a root password, open the terminal and type:

sudo passwd

However, sometimes you may have to temporary enable the root password due maintenance  reasons like updating. By default once the root password is entered it lasts for 15 minutes but you may need the root password longer than 15 minutes. So here I will explain how to vary the time.

To get on with it…

The solution is quite simple. You have to open a text editor with root privileges and edit the file sudoers, which is located in  ~/etc.

1. Open a terminal and type the following:

sudo gedit /etc/sudoers/

2. Locate this line

Defaults env_reset

3. Add this under the above line

Defaults:user timestamp_timeout=0

NOTE: Replace ‘user’ with your username and replace ‘0’ with the time period for your password. For example, if you want the password to last for 30 minutes, replace the 0 with 30. However, if you leave it as ‘0’  you will have  to always enter the password.

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