Manage multiple Social Networking Accounts in Ubuntu with Yoono


It was difficult for me for the past few months to manage all my social networking accounts in Ubuntu before i came to know about Yoono. How can you manage Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Friendfeed, LinkedIn and many others by installing individual desktop client for each one of them? It’s impossible. Yoono is the solution for this.

Yoono integrates all your social networking accounts at one place making it easier for you to manage everything. With a simple click you can update and share your status on Facebook , Twitter , FriendFeed , Flickr and MySpace. You can also see updates from all your contacts, both together and for each individual service.

Make your social life in Ubuntu easier with Yoono. Yoono Desktop 1.8.1 is available for download. Give a try.

Download Yoono 1.8.1 for Ubuntu 11.04 Natty
Download Yoono 1.8.1 for Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick
Download Yoono 1.8.1 for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid

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