Ubuntu 11.10 will have the Codename Oscillating Ocelot?


Well, Ubuntu 11.04 is not yet fully fledged and released yet there are many rumors regarding the name that will be assigned to Ubuntu 11.10. Apparently Ubuntu 11.10 will be called “Oscillating Ocelot”. 

This rumor as it seems started when Paul Thomas Matthew, design manager who works at Canonical tweeted:

The names are usually announced by Mark Shuttleworth, so this is not yet official. There are 50 other names that can be the Ubuntu 11.10 codename.

Here is the list of the previous codenames.

So, what is Ocelot ?

The ocelot is an attractive wild cat native to the southern United States, Central and South America. The ocelot is similar in appearance to a domestic cat. It has sleek fur, rounded ears and relatively large front paws. The basic coat colours are grey, tawny-yellow, reddish-grey or orange, with brown splotches or stripes enclosed by black borders. The splotches run down the back, across each shoulder and then backward to the tail.

So what do think?

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