Amarok 2.4 aka Slipstream Released for Kubuntu 10.10 and Natty


The Amarok team releases the Amarok 2.4, codenamed “Slipstream”. This release brings significant changes in stability and improved performance. Bugs related to the context pane have been fixed. It offers a completely new library scanner and it can now directly save covers to the audio files.

It has integrated with MusicBrainz to update your music library more efficiently. Tagging is made easier than ever in this release (just few clicks). The development team has removed the Playdar (music content resolver) collection which was present in beta 1.

What’s New

Notable features that have been added in this release, include:

  • Support for iPod Touch 3G and possibly newer devices.
  • Transcoding: You can convert the audio tracks to different file format when copying from the file browser to the local collection.
  • A new applet that fetches guitar and bass tab information for all your string instrument needs.
  • OPML export for Podcast subscriptions.
  • Added option to hide Menu Bar
  • Added a map and calendar applet
  • Support for UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)

There has been a great number of bug fixes and changes since Amarok 2.3.2, read the complete change log from here

You can download Amarok 2.4 @

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