Upload and Manage Megaupload Files in Ubuntu with MegaSquirrel


Megaupload is one of the most popular web hosting sites which offers up to 200 GB of space to upload your files and share them with whoever you choose. Usually to upload files, you have to use the browser. Now you can do this using MegaSquirrel in Ubuntu. MegaSquirrel is a program written in Gambas, it helps you to upload files in a simple and faster way. It allows you to fetch various links and create a new list or add to a existing one. Most of the functions in MegaSquirrel requires a premium account. Here is a list of functions that can be done:

  • Upload file
  • Fetch file [Requires a Premium Account]
  • Clear fetch online list [Requires a Premium Account]
  • Fetch online list count [Requires a Premium Account]
  • Get full links [Requires a Premium Account]
  • List all my files
  • List files in the folder

MegaSquirrel is 100% secure. Your login data will not be stolen! When you access your account, it will create a temporary cookie that will remain alive only during the period of execution of the program. When you close the program, the cookie will be permanently deleted.

To install MegaSquirrel 1.0 on Ubuntu 10:10 / 10:04 just download the package from the link at the bottom:

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick i386/amd64
Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid i386/amd64

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