Tweak Arch Linux with Archassistant


ArchAssistant is an application that gives you quick access to different aspects of the administration settings in Arch Linux. It has a option to switch network profiles in the system (using the netcfg command line), which is very useful for laptop users.

Key Features:

  • Quick access to files on the host (ie rc.conf, profile, pacman.conf, xorg.conf …) through a built-in simple text editor.
  • Netcfg2 front-end: quite complete GUI for the Arch of the system network profile. You can connect, create and edit network profiles in a few clicks. ArchAssistant has an automatic start function which allows the application to connect to the wifi network first discovered in the boot.
  • Pacman part has been mostly disabled (not working as expected).
  • The collection of the most useful command lines to check the system information.
  • Custom application launcher menu
  • Clipboard download url with your favorite download manager
  • Load / eject the CD-ROM tray
  • Instant connection wizard
  • English, translations into French, German

To install in Arch Linux open the terminal and type:

su -
yaourt -S archassistant

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