Try Firefox 4 beta 8 in Ubuntu 11.04 / 10.10 / 10.04 without Installing


There is not much to say in the new and long-awaited Firefox 4. I wouldn’t want to install the beta version cause it still has bugs to fix but I would want to try it without installing. Well here is a small guide to use  Firefox 4 beta 8 without installing.

The new beta of Firefox 4 features a new engine, JavaScript, JagerMonkey, WebGL enabled by default, improved performance of hardware acceleration, uses for HTML 5 and finally it has a new menu button. Firefox developers claim it is three times faster than the previous versions.

To know more on the changes, read this page.

To test Firefox 4 b8 on Ubuntu, follow the simple steps:

1. Download beta 8 from here
2. Extract the file and open the ‘Firefox’ box and open firefox and click run when prompted.
3. If the file doesn’t  start, then open the terminal and type:

sudo killall firefox-bin

and then open the firefox file

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