Accelerate copy operations in Ubuntu with MiniCopier 0.5


MiniCopier is a Java app that gives you total control of copy operations in Windows / Linux / Mac. You may have encountered file transfer failure while transferring data from your system to external hard drives or other devices that operates on external power supply.

MiniCopier can help you in such situations. It can resume a copy that has failed and you can pause or limit the speed of a copy operation.

Key Features of MiniCopier:

  • Queue new transfers while a copy is already being processed
  • Change the name of the file if another file of same filename exists in the target folder
  • Set default action if a target file already exists
  • Pause and resume a copy operation
  • Skip current transfer to proceed to next one
  • Limit the speed of a copy operation
  • Ability to continue from where it stopped in case of  an error


As Minicopier is written in Java, it needs java installed in your Ubuntu. If you don’t have Java, open the terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin equivs

To install MiniCopier in Linux just download THIS file and extract .tar file click on to install.

It is also available for Windows, download from here.

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