Facebook shutting down on March 15 rumour goes viral


The social networking site Facebook will be shutting down on March 15 2011. This is the currently spreading rumour and hot talk for the past few hours. Many sites reported this rumour and the news spread instantly as Facebook is the most widely used social networking site presently.

The rumour is spreading through Twitter and showed up in Google Trends. Users are afraid that their photos and information will be lost and a Facebook group has already started against shutting down Facebook. Many sites related this ridiculous rumour with shutting down of  Yahoo Video (which was announced by Yahoo last month).

A news published on January 7 on CNN stating that the recent Goldman Sachs investment was the “beginning of the end” for Facebook is detected to be the cause for this fire.

A social networking site with more than 500 million users and with millions of investments won’t be shutting down so easily. But the rumour is spreading instantly and I can’t understand why Facebook is not responding to this rumour by publishing a official statement to make things clear.

Personally I hate rumours and MultimediaBoom won’t be shutting down in the near future. So keep following us by subscribing to our feeds and ‘like’ us on Facebook. ( no matter whether it is shutting down or not!!!)


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