Download / Install Pinta 0.5 Portable version for Linux


Pinta is a great application for photo retouching (auto adjust) and image editing of any kind. It is based on Paint.NET designed to serve as an alternative to GIMP. Pinta 0.5 was released today, it has some great tools.

What’s new in Pinta 0.5

  • Multiple Image Support – Pinta now supports multiple images open at a time, allowing you to easily switch between several images for editing.

  • Procedural BrushesAdd interesting painting effects with new procedural paint brushes, such as splatter, squares, circles, and grid.

  • Clone Stamp Easily remove unwanted objects from photos with the clone stamp.

  • In addition, It has the ability to undo the changes made to your images any number of time (you can cancel all operations performed on an image), and drawing tools of various kinds.

The PortableLinuxApps team has released Portable version 0.5, you can from download here. You can Pinta without having to install it. It works on all Linux based syatems.


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