Lubuntu 11.04 Default apps (New Features)


Lubuntu developers are currently debating over the default application in the upcoming Lubuntu 11.04, the lightweight Ubuntu spin which scheduled to release April 2011.

Here’s what has been discussed:

  • Webcam application ‘Cheese’ is being removed from Lubuntu due in part to its new dependency on Clutter. GTK+ UVC Viewer will replace it.
  • The login screen, currently served by LXDM, will most likely be replaced with the newer, lighter and more customizableLightDM
  • It was discussed to move to a better  archive tool ‘file-roller’ which replace the current tool xarchiver.
  • Audio player DeaDBeeF was chosen however several developers are in favour of current default Aqualung.
  • There is a huge debate on which control center should be used, ‘Lubuntu Control Centre’ or the  new styled Tuquito control centre.

So what do you think?


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