Facebook notification sound changed.


Facebook had been adding and subtracting (not exactly!) its features and here’s a minor change i noted today and thought of sharing with my readers. I noticed a change in notification sound of Facebook. Now thats silly but i was actually cursing my Skype for some fake notification. The dup..dup… sound of Facebook notification wasn’t that audible under standard working conditions;  not when you have a calm and quiet environment, but when you have a barking boss and beauty in your near by cubicle. The new sound; a glum… glum… some thing marginally similar to the one we have in Google chat, is likely to be noticeable. Who knows! this may be the notification sound for the new integrated mail and messaging service Facebook is going to offer to its ever growing user list.

Facebook is continually tweaking and optimizing their services in their best way to match the web services from Google and this is just a tiny silly example.

Bottom Line: The best is struggling to be the best and the next is aiming to be the best!


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