What is Plymouth? How to change Plymouth in Ubuntu?


I have been receiving quite a lot of mail recently from our readers. One of them asked me “What is Plymouth?“. So here is a brief summary on what Plymouth is and how to use it. Plymouth is one of the first applications to start when you turn on your computer and it provides the beautiful animated screen while the system finishes loading.

How to change Plymouth theme?

Well there are several ways to change the Plymouth. I’m going to show you a very simple method with Plymouth Manager, it is a tool which enables us to modify our Plymouth. With this we can change and create threads, enable and disable Plymouth, change the resolution and resolve compatibility issues with graphics drivers proprietary. To install in ubuntu 10.10 / 10.04 download from here.

After installing Plymouth Manager, you can find it under Applications->System Tools->Plymouth Manager

In the last tab, you can see the compatibility option for proprietary drivers. Press “Begin” and follow the instructions

If you have any difficulties installing, please let me know…


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