Make GreaseMonkey to work in Chrome with TamperMonkey


For those who are not familiar with Greasemonkey, it is one of the most downloaded extensions for Firefox, it allows users to install scripts in order add functionality to the browser in real time and modify the contents of a web page. For a browser supporting Greasemonkey means to make immediately available to its users thousands of scripts, all downloadable from the site

As we all know Chrome supports Greasemonkey scripts but not all script work. For example the RAI-TV-Player script (It allows you to watch RAI and Mediaset streaming videos without microsoft silverlight / moonlight using any external player) does not work on Google Chrome. To correct all the problems related to GreaseMonkey on Google Chrome, an extension called Tampermonkey was build.

TamperMonkey is an extension to manage and fix all the scripts for GreaseMonkey, it also offers the ability to create your own script.

It is very easy to use. To install it on Chrome / Chromium simply go to THIS page and click on Install. Now your script will run without any problems.


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