The new style statement – iPod Nano 6G


It seems like Apple is planning to come up with a new product from the popular iPod family; the iPod Nano 6G. iPod was a revolution in portable music player industry like the Walkman from Sony in the 90’s. Apple soon analyzed the market trend and came up with siblings like the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano which were also massive hits.ipod-nano-6gBy 2011, we may be able to experience a very futuristic product, the iPod Nano 6G from Apple stable and believe me this gadget is worth every penny you are going to spent.

The Nano 6G is much more than a new generation music player. This small and lightweight device features a 240×240 touch screen display for enhanced user experience like any other touch featuring Apple product. There is no camera and the click wheel is replaced by the multitouch. The iconic feature is that it holds a clock mode (both digital and analog); so wrist wraps will be the major accessory for this device.

User Interface and Experience

Undoubtedly, the new Nano is the top technological art from Apple with its multitouch capabilities. The gadget, though it’s not an IOS device almost gives the same impression. The motion/position sensors determine the shake, including the shuffle. The much familiar mouse gestures common to all Apple products work with this product too. For example, if you want to rotate the screen, you can use two fingers. The interface is represented as icons on the screen and can be dragged to arrange as per personal interest.


Like any Apple product, the sound quality is outstanding. Crispy high frequency, rich mid frequency and punchy low frequency is superior to any competition when coupled with headphones from Apple.


The radio has very good reception and catches stations even from nearby cities. A promising feature is that the radio can be paused and later played from where you paused.


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