Intel Core i7 990x – Fastest desktop processor to launch early 2011


World’s fastest desktop processor based on Intel’s Sandy Bridge platform, the Core i7 990x to hit market by early January 2011. The much awaited performance powerhouse from Intel stable labeled under the ‘Extreme’ series will be a six core processor running at 3.46GHz stock stretching upto3.73 GHz in Turbo Boost

This processor as any of its predecessors will be enthusiast friendly and can be easily overclocked to 4.5GHz and above. The Core i7 990x will also be featuring a DDR3 (triple channel), X58 chipset and LGA1366 socket with a TDP of 130 watts. The 6 processing cores in this beast will be emulating 12 threads.

Like any processor from the premium ‘Extreme’ series, the i7 990x will not come that cheap. The world’s fastest desktop processor will also be world’s most expensive processor for sure. It will be priced any were between $1000-$1100.

But while comparing to its predecessor 980x, the final verdict is that it is nothing more than a 980X with 130MHz more (from 3.33GHz to 3.46GHz) and the rest identical to its sibling, so it would not make sense to aim this top end model for a premium price.


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