How to translate your text with OpenOffice


Sometimes you find an entire document (or parts) in unknown language. To solve this problem we often go to Google Translate and enter text or document to be translated. But there is a simple extension from which we can translate our documents in the desired language with the help of Google’s Translate service with open our browser.

OOTranslator helps you to translates your documents from one language to another quickly and easily, and above all directly from OpenOffice. It can translate a small part of the text or the entire text.


To install OOTranslator in Ubuntu or Debian based systems, open the terminal (ctrl+alt+T) type:

sudo apt-get install

Then download the extension from this page by clicking GET IT!

How to use it?

Start Writer and go to Tools -> Extensions Manager and click on Add and select the extension you just downloaded and confirm.

Finally, restart your OpenOffice and you find GoogleTranslate in the menu bar, next to Tools. In order to translate any text, simply by hilight the text and click Translator under Google translator menu. Now a window will pop up asking you to specific the language to translate to.

NOTE: You will require internet connection to translate.

Please let me know if you have any problems translating


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