How to speed up Ubuntu with 200 line script


If you are a tech savvy or just a linux fan you might come cross many post describing how to speed up your system using some 200 lines of codes, which might get a bit messy if you don’t do it properly. So I found a simple workaround to use this script which I will discuss below.

Before that I want assure you that this patch (kernel script) really improves the speed and performance, but I  take no responsibility if it doesn’t work for you. Anyways Linus Torvald, linux kernel developer wrote this in one of his mails after trying this script-

…..It’s an improvement for things like smooth scrolling around, but what I found more interesting was how it seems to really make web pages load a lot faster. Maybe it shouldn’t have been surprising, but I always associated that with network performance. But there’s clearly enough of a CPU load when loading a new web page that if you have a load average of 50+ at the same time, you  will  be starved for CPU in the loading process, and probably won’t get all the http requests out quickly enough.

So I think this is firmly one of those “real improvement” patches. Good job. Group scheduling goes from “useful for some specific server loads” to “that’s a killer feature“.

– Linus

So lets get back to the script, Webup8 had compiled the orginal 200 lines of codes to a simple script.

How to use it in Ubuntu?

Open your terminal type / paste the following commands:

chmod +x cgroup_patch
sudo ./cgroup_patch

Then you can either restart your system or simply run:

sudo /etc/rc.local

I have tried it in ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10, now my 1080p videos play smoothly and I feel less hangs. Hope it improves your syatem likewise.

Please give me your feedbacks.


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