Facebook wants to be your Home Page!!


A few years ago it was very common for webpages to advertise to make their site as homepage or browser. Shortly it was followed by Google and it now appears that Facebook is trying to do the same. As some users have already experienced it since last week, Facebook is showing a small notice in the form of bar on the homepage asking to add as a main or home page.

Being the first page users see when using the browser is very important. At the end of the day in many cases it becomes the place to introduce our search. And Facebook is becoming more popular and influenced as the day passes by. As you all know Facebook has recently started its new mail service and this is just the first step, who knows they might soon start a search engine once it is popular enough.

This new bar that some users are seeing is just an experiment. I suppose if Facebook will take initiatives like this one, it will reach to 500 million users or more. So what do you think?


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