Dell Studio 14 & 15 stopped production ? Or discontinued?


I was in search of a powerful but reasonably priced laptop and hence was surfing through Dell Online Store when I noticed the absence of their famous Studio series in the product listing. We already have a Dell Studio based on Intel Core i3 and was looking for a Studio based on Core i5 and was shocked to find the best selling Studio series being discontinued.
Search for Studio laptops resulted in featuring Studio 14 and Studio 15 in the landing page; but further navigation pointed to pages alerting discontinued product.

If what I am remembering is correct, we earlier had a huge waiting period for the Studio 14 which we already own and was informed from Dell Store that it was high on demand. And personally, the Studio series of laptops from Dell were exceptionally beautiful comparing its competitors from the same or different brands.

I hope the product has been removed from Dell Online Store as a marketing trick to boost sales of other Dell laptop product range.


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