2ClickUpdate – Easily update your Ubuntu


2ClickUpdate is a front-end app for system upgrades that checks and installs updates, deletes unnecessary files and cleans up after installing the updates. 2ClickUpdate is a shell script with a simple interface, provided by GUI Zenity using the axel (similar to apt-fast).

It provides much faster downloads than the regular updates. 2ClickUpdate runs on any Linux Debian / Ubuntuand automatically performs the following actions:

  • Updates the package list.
  • Install the latest updates for your applications and system libraries.
  • Removes packages that were installed automatically to satisfy dependencies of some packages that are no longer necessary.
  • Remove the packages and configuration files that do not require any other software on your system.
  • Deletes all files stored in the cache of packages that are no longer in the repositories or have a newer version in the repositories.
  • Clears the cache of downloaded packages to free up some space

2ClickUpdate is available in 20 languages and the latest version is 6.0, it works with Ubuntu 10.10.

Download 2ClickUpdate 6.0


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