Google Analytics – No data available for November 02? Edit: Issue resolved.


I have been frequently monitoring traffic in Multimediaboom via Google Analytics and today shocked to find no reports on my dashboard for November 2nd. The reports were correct in the morning; but by noon( IST), i could only see  the following screen. However the earlier reports and reports for today are just fine, but don’t know what happened with yesterday’s reports. First I thought something must have happened to my tracking code; but later discovered that all other sites in my account have the same issue.

This is what you might see if you are affected by the missing Analytics data:

  • o visitors for 2nd November 2010
  • No other tracking data including page views, Adsense or referrals.
  • Missing data across all domains in your Analytics account

This may be a problem related to Google’s Analytics service. I hope this issue will be resolved round the clock.


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