How to extend your laptop’s battery life using Jupiter


Jupiter is a GNOME applet that is used for hardware management your computer. Among other things, it lets you to quickly change the screen resolution, turn on or turn off the wifi and other common option in Laptops and Netbooks. The best thing is that you choose the best power options for your laptop with Jupiter. It was mainly designed for Aurora and Fedora but it works in other Linux distros also.


  • Activate and deactivate your netbook devices (wifi, touchpad, bluetooth, camera)
  • Switch between 3 modes energy (power save, high performance and maximun performance)
  • Switch between different screen resolutions (1024 × 600, 640 and 1024 × 480 × 768 for the eee screen and sometimes as 1152 × 864 and 1280 × 1024 external monitor)
  • Change the video output device from the internal display, VGA output, or both.
  • Change screen orientation
  • Knowing the temperature of the processor.

To install in Ubuntu 9.10 / 10.04 / 10.10 through PPA, open the terminal and type

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/jupiter
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install jupiter

To install in Fedora or Ubuntu using .deb or rpm, here

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