How to change the desktop wallpaper automatically in Ubuntu 10.10 / 10.04


Wally is an application that changes your desktop background from time to time. You may use images from local hard disk, remote image via FTP or via web image hosting services like Flickr, Yahoo, Panoramio, Pike, Ipernity, Photobucket, Buzznet, Picasa, Smugmu, etc.

The latest  version 2.4.1 (17/10/10) released with this list of changes:

– Deprecated HTTP Qt classes have been replaced
– Wally can now terminate after first background change
– Splash screen can be disabled
– Mac OSX Settings GUI scrollbar issue fixed
– WallyPlugin now uses D-Bus
– BUG FIXED: CMake build script had an issue in compiling language resources
Wally is built using the Qt4 libraries but also supports KDE 4, GNOME, XFCE4, Blackbox, Fluxbox, Window Maker, and FVWM (experimental).

The program is highly configurable: you can choose no of images to be displayed, scaling, position, the change interval and several other parameter.

How to install in Ubuntu:-




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