Acrobat X Suite released


After announcing exactly one week ago, Adobe has released version X of its Acrobat suite of applications to create and edit PDF. Together we have new versions of Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat Suite, Acrobat Pro and Acrobat Standard.

The most used application by all, Reader, is touted as the ideal solution for view, comment and print PDF and the one that is compatible with more complex formats such file (with interactive media, for example). New to this version of X includes the ability to see even more complex items, such as spreadsheets, drawings, emails and more.

In addition, we can create notes to comment on these files PDF and share them to perform work in the group without complications, a streamlined document viewing, integration with online services and something important: a new special version for Windows Phone 7 Android and BlackBerry version of tablets that allows us to open PDFs right from our mobile devices. Curious, it seems that we will have something equivalent iOS, although there are already many third-party applications that can operate with PDFs in Apple’s mobile platform.

The professional-oriented versions include even more new features: Acrobat Pro X, for example, be able to export documents PDF documents from Microsoft Office to create filesets PDF with a professional presentation. Ideal for when you need to send not just a PDF, but a whole set of files related to it looking good.

The upgrade of the entire application ecosystem Acrobat represents more interest to the professional sector not the general users, who finally after all they want is a good application to view files PDF. That’s why the most important thing for Adobe is promoting Adobe Reader X as the ultimate solution for it, making the Internet prefer the official program and not one of the many alternatives that claim to be faster and smaller.

X version of the entire line of applications Adobe Acrobat will be launched during the month of November. Acrobat X Pro will be priced at 659.62 euros and its upgrade from version 9 will cost 282.02 euros, with free shipping until November 30 pudiéndolo your booking now. Another option is the package Acrobat X Suite, including Photoshop, as updated from previous version costs EUR 1119.82 while the full version costs EUR 1740.50. Adobe Reader X will remain, of course, free.


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