How to install Nokuntu (Nokia PC Suite) in Ubuntu 10.10/10.04


Nokuntu is a replacement for the Nokia PC Suite in Linux. Nokuntu is intended specifically for Ubuntu users but you can install it in any linux distros and you can download the source code and compile it. The software is currently in beta stage.As we know most of the companies (in this case Nokia) develops software mostly for the Windows operating system. Here is were Nokuntu comes in use, thanks to matiaspar, Nokuntu is an alternate version of Nokia PC Suite which can be used in different operating system of the penguin(GNU/LINUX). It comes in Spanish and English versions.

The main functions of this software are:

  • General Support
  • SMS Backup
  • Cellphone Modem
  • Media management
  • Synchronization with Evolution
  • Using the phone as Webcam
  • Using phone as Modem
  • Works with Gnome (tested, need nautilus)
  • Visually atractive and similar in some aspects to Windows Nokia PC Suite
  • Funcions: autoconfiguration, media file manager, Syncronization with Evolution, send SMS from Nokuntu, send files to your cellphone from Nautilus, Wireless bluetooth webcam, bluetooth PC internet sharer (use the internet connection of your PC over bluetooth to navigate in your phone!)
  • As you can probably note this suites in some cases just integrate some features present in the system, so you can access them in other ways also.
  • Full bluetooth implementation
  • Battery and model info in the main window
  • Autodetects bluetooth or USB connection (with different fuctions each)
  • Bluetooth PC internet connection sharer
  • tip for easy backup

You can download this from here

Once installed appears in Applications-> Office-> Nokuntu


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