Twitter on Attack- A new twitter virus is out!


Latest news reveals the fact that the social media micro-blogging website Twitter is experiencing difficulties with a rapidly spreading virus. A malicious hacker has exploited the service by causing messages and third-party websites to pop up when a user moves their mouse over a link. The virus also causes users to “retweet” the virus to their followers. This has allowed it to spread like wildfire.

The Twitter virus is potentially dangerous as it opens the potential for cybercriminals to redirect users to sites with malicious code or spam advertising pop-ups. The mouse over virus has worked on both Twitter’s original site and the redesigned version it introduced last week.

Third-party Tweeting websites, such as TweetDeck, are not impacted by the virus. Twitter users should stay off for the time being and use one of the third-party service websites.

Twitter Officials says the attack is now quarantined, and needs no panic; but we are not sure about it as we personally met the virus an hour before! Initially we thought like the rollover / lightbox like effect is specific to some profiles where users changed some new settings in twitter but once we started reading the recent tweets; we finalized it as the outbreak of the new virus!


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