How to use 4GB or more RAM in 32-bit Windows 7


Normally a 32-bit system (x86) can support maximum of 2.75 to 3.25 GB of RAM (depending upon your system configuration) even if you are having 4 GB or more RAM. A 64-bit system (x64) can support up to 128 GB of memory. This is because Windows doesn’t allow users to use more RAM in 32-bit due to licencing issues. Here i’m going to show you how to bypass this issue and use 4 GB or a bove in a 32-bit Windows system. In order to try this you should have a 32-bit system and 4 GB or above of memory (RAM). Then follow these steps: Step 1: Check out the system properties Right click “My Computer” & click Properties. You’ll get a window showing your system configuration. This will look similar to the image below. Here only 2.96 GB is available out of 4 GB. Step 2: Download the patch from here Step 3: Run this software with administrative privileges Right click on the downloaded file “Staforce-4GB” and click “Run as administrator” and press “Yes” on the following window. Step 4: To use this patch Follow the images as shown here. Step 5: Restart your system Now when the system boots choose “Microsoft Windows > 128 G Memory”. Now your Windows 7 boots as usual. Now you can completely use your RAM with full efficiency.


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