Ubuntu 12.04 LTS code named Precise Pangolin

Recently Mark Shuttleworth announced the name of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as Precise Pangolin. Pangolin aka Ant Eater are scaly mammals found in the tropical regions of Asia and Africa.They have a strong sense of smell to find insects. In his blog, Shuttleworth explained that he’s looking for some thing phonetic and starts with the letter ‘P’; and had considered the names Perspicacious Panda, Porangi Packhorse, Predatory Panther, Primeval Possum, Peccable Peccary, Pawky Python, Perfidious Puku etc and finally settled with Precise Pangolin. God knows from where he gets such ‘interesting’ names!.


Shuttleworth said:

Let’s ask the question differently – what are we trying to convey? 12.04 is an LTS. So we want it to be tough and long-lasting, reliable, solid as a rock and well defended. It’s also going to be the face of Ubuntu for large deployments for a long time, so we want it to have no loose ends, we want it to be coherent, neat.

and thus he ended up in this name. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is supposed to be released on April 2012.

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