Ubuntu 11.04 – Screenshots, Reviews, Overview, What’s New, Features

Ubuntu 11.04 a.k.a. Natty Narwhal alpha is scheduled to be released on December 2nd: (see the complete release schedule, here). Unsatisfied Maverick users (including me) are expecting new version of ubuntu, as there were no  new interesting interface revisions to boast out with it.

UPDATE: This post is outdated, the updated post is @ Ubuntu 11.04 Natty – Screenshots, Review, What’s New [UPDATED]


Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal daily ISO files are available to download (Note:Don’t install it on production machine), but you can test in VirtualBox.

Update 1: Natty alpha 2 is released download it from here

Update 2: The release date is rescheduled, here

New Features

There has been many changes in the Default application selection in the upcoming Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal from Ubuntu 10.10. Here’s some new features:

– Unity as been confirmed as default for Ubuntu 11.04 – desktop edition, the desktop version will use the global menu (AppMenu).

LibreOffice will likely be included in next version of Ubuntu if it’s ready

– Firefox 4 is still favored over Chrome as the default browser in Ubuntu. Chrome still poses too many challenges for Ubuntu (the release cycle doesn’t fit well with Ubuntu Update model and also there are issues with the Global Menu integrations and so on).

– The decision to replace Evolution with Thunderbird in Ubuntu has been deferred. Hopefully Thunderbird will be ready in a cycle or two (it misses a calendar, exchange support, integration with appmenu and messaging menu).

– Banshee will be included by default in Ubuntu 11.04 (and thus replace Rhythmbox)

– Oneconf will be included by default in Ubuntu 11.04. OneConf is a mechanism for recording software information in Ubuntu One, and synchronizing with other computers as needed.

– Gnome-dictionary will be removed from the CD

– Nautilus Elementary was also brought up for discussion, but was rejected “because the patches are considered hacks”.

– In Natty Narwhal Software Center “For Purchase” category will be updated with more commercial software. And you will be able to sponsor your favorite app by donating any money amount to developers.

– GTK app Remmina will replace TSClient as the default remote desktop client in Ubuntu 11.04.

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  1. unity? for the desktop? hmmm… not sure where i stand… i guess if it’s more user friendly and will encourage more people to adopt ubuntu it’s good, i mean i can always switch back. I just don’t like change!

    Anyway, downloading the build now! fingers crossed!

    1. i think unity will make a good choice in Ubuntu 11.04, it becomes more appealing and hopefully more users will start using Ubuntu…..Cheers

  2. I don’t use Ubuntu Netbook edition on my netbook *because* of the unity interface. For me it just seems like it needs a bit of work to get a couple odd bugs worked out.

    For now, I’m just using Ubuntu on my desktop, and Lubuntu on my Netbook. I Give Ubuntu 11.04 a spin when its released… but I really won’t be surprised if you see a new distro “Gubuntu” / “Gnomebuntu” become quite popular soon after the release of 11.04.

    I just personally think Unity needs more than 5 months to get all the kinks it has worked out… I’m hoping for the best, but preparing for less. If Unity isn’t working the way I expect when 11.04 hits, I might switch my PC over to Lubuntu as well.

  3. Tried the alpha last night for 11.04. Glitchy, especially the wubi installation. It could never find the CD I was running if from. Several of the Unity features were glitchy from the LiveCD running. Maybe when all this is worked out, we will see a great product.

  4. Does anyone know if we’ll be able to Auto-Hide or Add hide buttons to the bar on the left? Honestly, the idea sound interesting even exiting and yet nervously awaiting. For me Ubuntu 10.10 has been the best Ubuntu yet. I had a horrible time with 10.04 it would not even install in our Home Server. After 10.04.1 came out I was finally able to install however, it proved unstable for my system. Hence, 3 weeks in I just went back to 9.10. I have 10.10 installed in my main desktop. I’m not an expert it takes lot of effort (self-help notes and how to sites, etc.) to get things working the way I like. The basic functions of a Desktop or lack of one in this case, I expect to be intuitive to add/move/remove/change anything to my liking. In other words no command line nor should a newbie be expected to know if he uses Unity/Gnome/KDE, etc. right away. Heck, I still have my self-help notes for changing the Min/Max/close buttons to the right instead of the left.
    As a result of this Article I just downloaded LibreOffice for my Windows gamer and so far looks fine, actually looks just like OpenOffice but it opens a bit faster. Besides if I were not to like it I can Sudo apt-get install openoffice, download the Deb or use Synaptic. Oh, why not install LibreOffice in my Ubuntu machine you ask? is tar.gz file, I’ll have to dig for my self-notes in my Ubuntu 9.10 Home server. Yep, I’m a self-described “Forever Newbie”.

    1. Its always better to modify the system to our style ‘n taste. There nothing such as newbie, you can increase your knowledge by joining the ubuntu forums and being a active members. You hav to read alot.
      As for ur question i’m not sure if its possible hide the buttons but you can customise your buttons by using ‘Ubuntu Tweak’

  5. Not a fan of Unity. I tried it on my netbook install, and it seemed ok, but went back to default gnome b/c I just like the flexibility more. I tried it on an older laptop, too, and again went back to default gnome. I just don’t like the inflexibility of Unity. You can’t change what shows up in the utility bar up top. I don’t use Evolution for email (I use yahoo). I purge it from all of my installs. So I don’t want to see the stupid mail icon constantly sitting up there. I also want to tweak other icons up there and how/when they show up. But in Unity it seems you’re locked in. If it was more flexible (I hear they’re still working on it), then I’d like it more. As with all things Linux, everything is subjective, and fortunately if you don’t like something there’s an alternative you probably will like.

    1. Right now unity is still developing though it is stable. Ubuntu 11.04 might come up more flexible with unity. Lets just wait and see…

  6. I just installed Ubuntu 11.04 daily build, today March 20th, only 8 days away for the stable version to be released and I can’t find Remmina on it. Am I missing something?

  7. Too bad I can’t usit on my 512 RAM laptop.
    Unity is too heavy and slow (even in 2D) for low specs machines.
    Ubuntu (= linux for all) should stand for EVERYONE could use it.
    Now it’s not “for all”…

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