How to Change Grub Background Image in Ubuntu 11.04


The Grub (Boot Screen) in the new Ubuntu 11.04 is purple which is disliked by many Ubuntu users and is quite plain and boring. This scenario can be changed by adding a Grub background image. Here are the steps to change the background on grub2 in Ubuntu 11.04.

How to Install WinRAR in Ubuntu (With & Without Wine)


Even though I have installed all the necessary packages needed to open *.rar files, I get error while opening particular password protected files. So, I had to install WinRAR to open those files.Initially I extracted the files using the terminal by installing unrar package, but eventually I installed WinRAR.

Test Firefox 6 Nightly 1 (6.0a1) in Ubuntu


As promised by the Firefox developers are on steroids developing Firefox at super speed. Firefox 6.0 Nightly is now available following the release of Firefox 5.0 aurora which was released a week ago. There not much to say in this release.

Wine 1.3.20 Released with More MSVC functions, Mouse Clip in Fullscreen & Many Fixes

WINE 1.3.20

As always the Wine development team have thrived hard in making this release. The Wine 1.3.20 comes with option to clip mouse in fullscreen, support for persistent HTTP connections and many bug fixes. It has also added more MSVC runtime functions.

Install Adobe Flash Player 10.3 in Ubuntu


Adobe has launched Flash Player 10.3 for Windows, Mac and Linux systems this morning, as well as for Android phones and tablets. Flash Player update includes improved stability, stronger security and user privacy protection, and new desktop audio/video capabilities for businesses and developers.

Mark Shuttleworth Keynote at UDS 09 May (Oneiric Ocelot) [Video]


Yesterday Mark Shuttleworth delivered a powerful Keynote address to the attendees of the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) which is currently taking place in Budapest, Hungary. The UDS will be held from 9th to 11th. The big step taken in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty in using Unity was discussed.

Install Mozilla Firefox 5.0 Aurora Build in Linux

mozilla firefox 5.0

Hardly one month after the release of stable Firefox 4.0 here come the preview version of Firefox 5.0. This is not the final beta of the next version of Firefox but is only a copy of aurora re-packaged as beta for testing. Mozilla Firefox is moving to a rapid release development cycle to deliver new features, performance enhancements, security updates and stability improvements.

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