Linux Mint 12 codenamed Lisa released

Linux Mint, a popular Linux distribution announced its latest release Linux Mint 12 codenamed Lisa. The Ubuntu based Linux Mint is now available for download. Lisa comes with a new desktop, built with Gnome 3 and Mint Gnome Shell Extensions (MSGE). It also has extended support for Gnome 2.

linux-mint-12-lisa-downloadThe Gnome 2 extension ‘MATE’ is also available for Linux Mint 12; so now you can run both versions of Gnome in the same Lisa installation. Other major improvements are in cosmetics and search engines. Two new themes named Mint-Z and Mint-Z Dark are available for Lisa which are originally derived from based on Mint-X and Zukitwo.

The new default search engine used in Linux Mint 12 is Duck Duck Go. It also features upstream components of Ubuntu 11.10, Linux 3.0, Gnome 3.2.

You can download Linux Mint from

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